A Mechanic will come to my house and fix my car?

Mobile Mechanics takes pride in our diagnostic capabilities and work ethic.  We will never call ourselves cheap because we are firm believers in that you get what you pay for. We are a VALUE for the expertise we bring and the final cost of having us perform repairs. Using only high quality parts and access to multiple vendors allows us to find the best part at a fair price.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We have offered on location Mechanic Repair since 1973!

Farrel came to Salt Lake City from a Small Town in Star Valley, Wyoming. His upbringing in such a small populated area enforced a strong work ethic of honesty due to the fact that if you were dishonest in a small town, EVERYONE would find out. We have the philosophy that our customers are our friends. Our mission is to be the “good guys” in a “bad business”.

Jordan was born and raised in Utah and has been helping Farrel fix cars since he was a little boy. Working closely with a Master Mechanic he has learned a lot over his years of hands on repair. He recently added Automotive Key making to the arsenal of repair services available to customers. We offer all types of keys for automotive purposes because of this addition.